COMPAS Poll/Survey
September 4, 2008

State of the City

  Multi-Themed Survey for the Ottawa Citizen
Policy and Opinion
Business and Finance

The Ottawa Citizen commissioned COMPAS to undertake a city-wide survey on a wide-range of themes:

  • How Ottawans grade the performances of Harper, McGuinty, O’Brien, City Council, and Chiarelli (when he was mayor);

  • What the City does well and what it does poorly;

  • What should be done about transit and who should pay;

  • What should be done about Lansdowne Park

  • The future of the Greenbelt;

  • How fuel prices have affected lifestyles;

  • Sports that matter to the community;

  • What’s winning in the work-life balance;

  • How Ottawa compares to Montreal and Toronto in work-life balance.
COMPAS explored patterns of attitudes by age, gender, and many other demographic variables. Location inside the old city of Ottawa vs. in the amalgamated areas emerged as the most consistent predictor of where Ottawans stand on the issues.

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